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Becoming a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

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Becoming a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

Becoming a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

A purpose-driven entrepreneur reflects on their unique experiences in life and channel that into a business that makes an impact in a way they uniquely can. They are clear on who they want to serve and align everything in their business to affect change.

Being a purpose-driven entrepreneur adds impact & quality to everything you do.

Why are you an entrepreneur? Why do you care about helping others? What is the purpose of a WHOLE behind your business?

Once you identify your purpose and start incorporating that into everything you do, you’ll see more of an impact. What you do will have a reason behind it. This leads to spending more time on what matters most in your business. You’ll stop wasting time on projects that don’t make a difference, and you’ll focus on the items that can make your business more successful. Consequently, the latest trends will become less appealing, and on the other hand, you’ll recognize applicable advice that could potentially help you directly with your purpose.

Use your why to connect to ideal clients.

We all run businesses for a variety of reasons. Some want to pay the bills on their terms. Others want flexibility, and then there are those who want to travel and be their own boss. Of course, in the mix, we have individuals who seek something beyond growing their own businesses. Rather, these individuals want to help others. They have an innate sense of serving. That’s their why.

No matter how large, or even selfish your purpose is, you can use it to connect to ideal clients. You can find others who also value travel, or perhaps you can work with others to grow their own businesses while you grow yours.

Plus, although you have your own personal why, think about who should care. Remember the people at the heart of what you do. Why do customers hire you or buy your products in the first place? Remember these reasons with every proposal, product launch, blog, etc. You can’t sell something if you don’t know why someone would want it.

Create packages with your purpose in mind.

Once you’ve identified you’re why and connected it to the people you serve in your business, you can then create valuable packages that fly off the shelves, literally or virtually. Do your customers need more time, money, or success? How can you help? Talking about your latest product in terms of the needs of your clients, for example, can help you sell that package more successfully. You can use this ‘why’ in your website copy, product listings, and on social media. You can even ask clients what they liked about your products or services, and use their own ‘why’ in your marketing material.

Be a purpose-driven entrepreneur & define your own success.

As you develop a consistent message with products and packages that correspond to your ‘why,’ you’ll find that you start to define your own success. You don’t need your own podcast, because that’s not the best way for you to pursue your business’s purpose. Or maybe a podcast would fall in line perfectly with the purpose you’ve established. You’ll start to easily see what can make your business successful, and what would be a time-wasting project. Plus, sticking to your purpose will allow you to connect simply with ideal clients and create a business you love.

Here are some questions that can help you define your purpose:

  • Why did you start a business?
  • Who do you help?
  • Why should clients be interested in what you have to offer?
  • Why did you create your products or offers in the first place?
  • How can you help?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • What transformation takes place after clients work with you?
  • How do customers feel after they’ve purchased from you?
  • What words and phrases do customers use when they talk about you/your brand?

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