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Building A Branding Budget For Your Small Business

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Building A Branding Budget For Your Small Business

How To Use Social Media To Attract Your Ideal Client.

Your business’s social media marketing strategies don’t have to take lots of time and research. Rather, you can use social media as a platform to share the information you’ve spent years becoming an expert in.

Turning social media marketing into value-sharing

This means that social media marketing in and of itself, can be turned on its head. Marketing is now value sharing. What information can you provide that your ideal clients will find helpful? People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be taught, and then they want to hire experts they trust when they have too much on their plates. Be the expert that teaches, shares value and is there to help when someone’s ready to outsource.

How does this look when you’re creating a social media content plan?

  1. Identify what your clients need. What subject are they lacking in that you can provide expertise in? Be sure that it’s something they’ll want to learn. If you’re a tax strategist, your clients probably don’t want to learn about the tax law, but rather, how they can save money on a specific tax write-off for 2020.
  2. Share information that is simple and applicable. Remember that your audience is not as familiar with your profession as you are. This means that you have to explain things simply, and in ways that are actually applicable. Don’t overwhelm your audience with industry jargon and complicated terms. Don’t be afraid to explain things and keep it simple. Simple is digestible, and digestible information is applicable. This means that your audience will be able to benefit from what you’re teaching them, and want to come back for more.
  3. Add call to actions. One of the best ways to increase social media engagement is to add call to actions, after you’ve shared value. However, these call to actions don’t always have to be sales pitches. Rather, they can be encouragements or next steps that your audience can take for success. Teach your online audience how to do something and then tell them to tag you when it’s done. Or ask your audience to DM you with questions. Any interaction is a good interaction! Even simple Instagram polls engage your audience. You can even take a poll, asking what topic they’d like a tutorial on next.

Platforms you can get the most online engagement with

Keep in mind that you should use the platforms that most of your target demographics use.

Instagram. With Instagram’s polls, stories, GIF responses, tagging and sharing, the amount of possible engagement is endless. You can share tutorials on IGTV, add mini trainings to your Instagram stories or teach something in the caption of your post. Whether you’re posting a video, uploading a post to your feed or commenting on other users’ posts, you can be sharing value all the while and enticing more engagement! And engagement leads to more leads and more business.

  1. Facebook Groups. There are so many Facebook groups you can tap into to generate engagement. Again, the goal in these groups is to share value. Perhaps there’s a local entrepreneur group you can join and upload a tutorial to. Or maybe there’s a networking group you can access to share expertise and ask for help too.
  2. LinkedIn. LinkedIn has lately been quite the hub for conversation. People are having genuine conversations, sharing insights and learning too. Spend some time paying attention to what those in your industry are talking about. Even conversations with potential competitors can lead to valuable business relationships and referrals.

Remember, you put life into social media platforms, it’s not the other way around. You are in charge of creating amazing content. You are in the business of changing minds and shifting viewpoints. By sharing value on social media, and creating an effective social media content strategy, you’ll attract the right clients and grow your business.