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Our Core Competencies

Transforming Wisdom into Influence

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, we specialize in turning your unique insights and experiences into powerful narratives that resonate and inspire. Whether you're a coach, healer, changemaker, or thought leader, our dedicated team is committed to amplifying your voice and extending your reach, transforming your wisdom into lasting influence.

The Coach with Wisdom to Share.

If you're brimming with insights and experiences but unsure how to craft them into a compelling book, we're here for you. Our process is designed to transform your wisdom into a published work that empowers and enlightens your audience.

The Healer with Stories of Resilience.

Your journey of healing and overcoming challenges can offer hope to many. At Skinny Brown Dog Media, we specialize in elevating your uplifting narratives, helping others find meaning and solace through your experiences.

The Changemaker Eager to Inspire.

If you're driven by a vision to create impactful movements with your words, we are your ideal partner. Our expertise in community-building and engagement is tailored to amplify your influence and inspire change.

The Thought Leader Challenging Norms.

For those whose ideas disrupt conventional thinking, we provide the platform to voice your transformative thoughts. Our process is crafted to establish and enhance your authoritative presence in your field.

The Storyteller Crafting Worlds for All Audiences.

If you have a passion for weaving tales that captivate imaginations across a wide spectrum, we're your perfect collaborator. Our expertise extends from transforming creative stories into enchanting children's books to crafting captivating fiction and informative cookbooks. Whether you're igniting young minds, enthralling adult readers, or sharing culinary secrets, we're here to bring your vision to life.



We empower our clients to craft and share stories that instill faith, hope, and inspiration. Our approach is designed to influence hearts and minds, guiding them towards a brighter, more hopeful future.



Our mission is to assist our clients in challenging and transforming conventional wisdom. We’re committed to disrupting the status quo and nurturing visionary leaders who leave a lasting, positive imprint on their communities.



We strive to unite communities through powerful narratives of hope and healing. Our goal is to help our clients create messages that not only inspire but also bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Skinny Brown Dog Media brings together a seasoned team with over 30 years of collective experience in publishing and digital media. Operating both in America and internationally, we are dedicated to breathing life into your stories and sharing them with the world.

Our Team at Skinny Brown Dog Media

Guiding Your Publishing Journey from Concept to Launch and Beyond

Expertise at Every Step

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, we pride ourselves on a team that embodies expertise and commitment at each phase of the book publishing process. We are a small but mighty team of publishing professionals dedicated to guiding your book from concept to launch and beyond. Our expertise ensures excellence at every stage of the journey.

Meet the Skinny Brown Dog Media Team

Eric G. Reid

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder

Timothy Swiney

Executive Editor and Author Development Strategist

Phyllis Ngo

Children's Book Development and Design Lead

Jamie Ty

Book Design Specialist

Courtney Oppel

Editorial Specialist

Daniel Tan

Digital Marketing and Funnel Specialist for Authors

Farhan Shahid

Creative Design Director


Our Inspiration and Mascot


The Office Companion and Serene Sentinel


Let’s Bring Your Visionary Story to Life
Join us at Skinny Brown Dog Media to extend your influence and share your message with the world, supported by our expert digital marketing and global distribution network.