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We guide your story from manuscript to marketplace, ensuring your voice inspires and connects deeply with your community.

Our Expertise

Empowering Faith-Driven Change-Makers

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, we are honored to collaborate with authors and organizations driven by a mission to inspire and transform. Our partners are influential voices, reaching hearts and minds from coast to coast and around the world. Our purpose is to nurture and empower their unique callings—whether they are visionary leaders, trailblazing pioneers, innovative entrepreneurs, or individuals committed to a spiritual mission. We provide customized publishing and platform solutions that amplify their stories and expand their impact, enabling them to forge deep connections within communities and leave a lasting legacy.


We offer comprehensive publishing solutions that encompass every stage, from meticulous manuscript editing to global distribution. Our services are tailored specifically for faith-driven narratives, ensuring your message reaches its audience effectively.

Content Creation

Our team specializes in expert ghostwriting and copywriting, dedicated to crafting compelling and resonant content. We cover everything from blog posts to book narratives, bringing your ideas to life with precision and creativity.


We specialize in crafting compelling brand identities for coaches and authors. Our mission is to create a brand that resonates with your audience and reflects your vision. We understand the importance of your work and are committed to helping you leave a lasting impact through a strong, cohesive brand

Social Media Management

We are skilled in building and nurturing your online presence through strategic social media campaigns. Our goal is to create connections and inspire engagement within your online community.

Our Work

Celebrating the Skinny Brown Dog Family of Authors

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, we are more than just a team; we are a family. This sense of unity and support shines through in the remarkable achievements of our authors. Our family members have achieved extraordinary milestones, including reaching #1 Bestseller status, receiving international recognition in book and screenwriting awards, and securing keynote speaking opportunities with Fortune 500 companies.

Allow us to introduce you to the distinguished members of the Skinny Brown Dog Family whose talents have garnered recognition far and wide. Here are their inspiring success stories:

Connect with us, and let's turn your vision into a celebrated story of triumph.

Reach out to us today, and together, we'll transform your vision into a triumphant story that deserves celebration.

The Story Behind the Name

Skinny Brown Dog Media

The name 'Skinny Brown Dog Media' is more than clever marketing; it's a heartfelt chapter in our family's story. It all began in a place filled with hope and new beginnings – a local pet adoption agency.

On that ordinary day, our family, with no intention of bringing home a dog, found ourselves amidst a sea of hopeful faces at the pet store. It was there, in that unexpected moment, that my son, Ignacio, at 5 years old, made a connection that would change our lives. His gaze and heart settled on a timid, unassuming dog. With the clarity and innocence that only a child possesses, Ignacio tugged at my heartstrings, pointing to the dog and asking, 'What about that Skinny Brown Dog?'

As I prepared to give a list of reasons why today was not the day to get a dog, Ignacio, with empathy that could melt the hardest of hearts (even mine), gently reminded me, 'Everyone needs a place to be loved, even this skinny brown dog.' His words struck a chord deep within me, revealing a profound truth I hadn't fully realized until that moment.

We left the pet store that day with more than just a pet; we welcomed River into our family, a living embodiment of the unexpected journey of our family and us as individuals. River's story, much like the stories we embrace at Skinny Brown Dog Media, speaks of life's unforeseen paths, of being recognized and loved for one's true self.

This is the heart of 'Skinny Brown Dog Media.' It stands as a testament to the belief that every story, no matter how overlooked or understated, deserves a place to be nurtured and loved. Our name is a daily reminder of that ordinary day, of Ignacio's wisdom, of River's journey into our hearts, and of our unwavering commitment to every author and story that finds its way to us.

Here at Skinny Brown Dog Media, you will find your home – a place where your story is not just published but embraced, celebrated, and given the chance to truly thrive. Just as River found his place in our family, your story will find its place in the world.

Connect with us, and let's turn your vision into a celebrated story of triumph.

Reach out to us today, and together, we'll transform your vision into a triumphant story that deserves celebration.