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The Skinny Brown Dog Media Story

The idea for Skinny Brown Dog Media was born in 2015.  After writing his first novel in 2014, Timothy discovered that the hardest part of being an author was not the creative process, but the publishing process.  Going the traditional publishing route required months of submitting loglines, synopsizes, partial chapters and personal biographies before finding a literary agent.  Then there was another 6-8 months to find a publisher interested in the book.  Once a publisher was found, there were confusing legal contracts followed by re-writes and the creative changes that the publisher insisted be made.  The entire publishing process was cold and demeaning.  As a new author, Timothy faced barrier after barrier, jumped through one hoop after another, only to find that it would take two years or more before the book would hit the market.  In the end, he would have to sign away most of his rights, surrender creative control to business people, and give up most of the royalties to gate-keepers.  There had to be a better way! 


Meanwhile, Eric was having a much different publishing experience.  As a prominent Success Coach and the host of the popular web-series “Author Talk”, he was encountering one coaching client after another with self-publishing horror stories.  They reported experiences with many fly-by-night “self-publishing experts” who charged exorbitant prices, provided poor customer service, and offered low quality editing and proof-reading.  Many paying thousands of dollars only to end up with a second-rate book, riddled with errors and not worthy of their story.


As they considered their own negative personal experiences and the complaints from Eric’s self-published clients, it was clear there was a need for a different type of self-publishing service provider.   With authors like Any Weir (The Martian), Mike Omer (A Killer’s Mind), and E. L. James ( Fifty Shades of Grey) finding success through self-publishing, the writing was on-the-wall —  self-publishing is the future.  Thus Skinny Brown Dog Media was born. 


What makes Skinny Brown Dog Media different, besides our name? 

1. Quick publishing process: 8 weeks or fewer (based on your finished manuscript).

2. One project manager for each client: from start to finish.

3. Professional and responsive: no canned emails. We understand the need for clear communication. 

4. Competitive prices.

5. You maintain full creative control of your book.  

6. Multiple levels of proof-reading and editing to insure your book is error-free, visually attractive, and communicate your message in a concise and easily readable manner. 

7.  You keep all your well-earned royalties.

Over the past few years, Skinny Brown Dog Media has grown into a small group of writers, editors, line-readers, and coaches who work together to help writers fulfill their dream of making their book come alive and reach the hearts of their fans. 


Oh...About the company name, 

River is our “Skinny Little Brown Dog” as my son called him the day he chose River at the pet adoption agency. As part of my son’s closing sales pitch, he reminded me, “Everyone needs a place to be loved, even this skinny little brown dog.” River came home with us that day and has become a part of the family and part of our family story. 

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, you and your story will be loved and at-home just as much as River. 


Welcome to the Skinny Brown Dog Media family!


Awards Received By Our Published Authors

Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2019 Finalist
Borodino Film Festival 2019 Semi-Finalist
Cinemafest 2019 Semi-Finalist
Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Semi-Finalist
Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Quarter-Finalist
Page Turner Screenplays 2019 Finalist
Cannes Screenplay Contest 2019 Finalist
Finish Line Script Competition 2018 Selected
GLITTER ! Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival 2018 Selected
World Series of Screenwriting 2017 Gold Winner
Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards 2017 Selected
Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2017 Award Winner
Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2017 Silver Award Winner
New York Screenplay 2017 Award Winner
Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 Selected
Frights! Camera! Action! Screenplay and Film Contest T2017 Finalist
GLITTER ! Oklahoma LGBTQ Film Festival 2017 Finalist
Sunlight International Film Festival 2017 Finalist
Amazon Best Sellers Rank:(across several authors)
#1 Professional Photography (Kindle Store)
# 1 in Medicine & Psychology (Kindle Store)
#1 in Self-Help & Psychology Humor
#1 in Memoirs (Books)
#1 in Christian Self Help
#1 In Christian Family & Relationships
Top 10 in Motivational Management & Leadership
Top 10 Business Motivation & Self-Improvement (Books)


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