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What will it cost to have my book published?

The number one question new writers ask me is, "how much will this cost?"

The cost to publish depends on several factors, the length of the book, the level of quality of the manuscript, and your timeline. 

To determine the best price for you and your completed book, we have put in place our submission process. The initial consultation call and manuscript submission process allow us to understand you, your story, and your goals.

Once we as a team have met and reviewed the initial consultation and discussed the information provided in the submission process, then and only then will we be able to commit to the work required to offer you the best pricing possible. 

Most clients spend $2,500-$6,000 to publish their books. This generally includes editing, cover design, formatting, and submission to Amazon or similar online publishing services assigning of an ISBN and eBook format and submission.

Of course, if you just want to get your book out there, you can always format it for free and self-publish it on Amazon, where it'll be available within 72 hours! 

But if you want to actually sell your book and be seen as an expert in your subject area and grow your influence, you'll need to invest in editing/publishing services. 

Our assumption at Skinny Brown Dog Media is that your goal is to create a beautiful, successful book that will make you stand out in a crowd and help you impact the world in a meaningful way and your business and influence.

A little bit about how we determine fees at Skinny Brown Dog Media.

Remember, no two books or writers are the same, so one price packages aren't fair to you. We will present you with a detailed written proposal of all services and fees before any work starts. 

Editing Fees:

There are a few different types of professional editing services we perform — namely, developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading. If your book isn't quite ready for these steps, you can get an editorial assessment to figure out where you need to improve!

Average editing costs based on a 60,000-word manuscript:

  • Developmental editing — $1,440 (or about $7 per page)
  • Copy editing — $1,020 (or about $5 per page)
  • Proofreading — $600 (or about $3 per page)
  • Editorial Assessment -- $750 (or about $4 per page)

Developmental editing will cost you the most because we take an in-depth look at every part of your story and how all the parts fit together.

Copy editing is moderately expensive, examining the mechanics of your writing.

Proofreading is the least expensive and used as a final-check stage of the process. (Copy editing and proofreading may also be combined at a discount rate.)

The genre of your book can also impact editing costs — which may surprise you, but it makes sense! For example, historical fiction and non-fiction have the highest editing costs, because they often require fact-checking or academic background.

What Else Effects Editing Fees:

Here are a couple more factors to consider:

1. How "advanced" your manuscript is. Are you handing in a super-rough draft that you haven't even checked for typos? Or has it gone through multiple rounds of self-editing based on other people's feedback? The former will cost more than the latter.

2. The density of your text. Typically coincides with your genre. However, if your book is unusual in that sense (e.g., a literary novel with relatively simple prose), you should adjust your expectations accordingly. The denser the text, the pricier the edit.

Cover Design Fees:

While you do have the option to create your book cover, we strongly recommend you have it professionally designed. Why? Because, again, you want to make book sales — and very few people buy books with amateur covers. In that sense, getting an experienced designer is perhaps the most essential part of this process.

Cover Design and Cover Formatting costs range as follows.

  • Bring your own design ideas — $150 - $250
  • We create your design — $250 -$350

What else affects cover design costs?

1. The style and complexity of the design. For example, an elaborate illustrated cover would cost more than a simple photo-based one.

2. The number of "rounds" our design team does. If their first iteration of your cover looks good, then you're all set! But you may end up asking for a few tweaks or even an entirely different design, which will raise the cost.

3. Whether it's an ebook or print cover. Print book covers require attention to dimensions, as well as a spine and back cover design, which can add up in terms of cost.

Formatting/Interior Design Fees:

By "formatting fees," we mean the costs of interior design and typesetting. However, these terms are pretty interchangeable: it's the process of setting text onto a page. And once again, multiple factors affect the cost (which we'll cover in a second).

  • 17% of our clients pay less than $500 for book formatting
  • 47% of our clients pay $500-$1,000 for book formatting
  • 19% of our clients pay $1,000-$1,500 for book formatting
  • 16% of our clients pay $1,500+ for book formatting

Exactly what are you paying for here, you may ask? 

1. Experience. You want your interior layout designer to know you and your book and understands the flow of your story and how to use the best format to increase the overall readability. 

2. Manuscript length. Longer books take more time to format — not just applying the design to the text, but also double-checking for widows, orphans, and other aesthetically unpleasing elements on each page.

3. How "graphically intense" the project is. A novel, for example, is much simpler and to format than a cookbook, which will have many images and unusually formatted text.

We make it easy for our authors to get their book published professionally and sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other places. We understand that the self-publishing process can be overwhelming. So much is involved-copyright registration, Library of Congress number, ISBN, proofreading several times… That's why we will do our best to bundle the most requested services into packages that fit your needs. While being mindful, authors are on a budget.


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